Our story

The Start

It all started in Munich in August 2008, at an international exhibition. We thought to build up a company with the vision to introduce high quality products to the Egyptian market. IN the process of doing so, it was essential to follow scientific methods.

The suspense

We made several quality tests, on site and through governmental institutes, in order to ensure the highest possible quality.
We are proud, of our team, our plant, our governmental institutes and our suppliers; they never fail to deliver the required quality.

The dream

We still remember these days, when we chose the product in September 2008, when we settled on the name
Swist ® in October 2008, and when we made the final trials at the plant in November 2010. We have to say that each and every step was extensively tested. We can proudly say that Swist ® was a creation of a team.

Now and beyond

Finally, we settled on a launch date on January 2011, which was delayed because of the revolution in Egypt.
But we never gave up.
In 2012, we saw the great results of our efforts, with many customers calling to place their orders. It was a great sign of approval from the market, which made us happy.
Swist ®, is now a Trade Mark.